3 Things to Consider Before Contacting Wagyu Beef Suppliers in Dubai
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Wagyu beef is considered by the majority of the food service industry in the world the best beef. It originates from Japan, which means Japanese cow, and is found in four different breeds of Japanese cattle – Akage (Brown), Kuroge (Black), Mukaku (Polled) and Nihon Tankaku (Shorthorn).

Wagyu beef is favored by many food companies in Dubai as well as other countries because of its marbled texture, which makes it more appetizing. The meat is juicy and tender; just perfect for all beef lovers out there. It is also high in fat, the right kind of fat, which is a requisite to a healthy diet. It’s omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have higher percentages compared to other beefs. It is so tender that it just melts in your mouth.

With all these great characteristics, it’s a mistake not to have it in your food and supplies. Getting it is one thing, but finding a good supplier is another. There are a lot of wagyu beef suppliers in Dubai, so how do you choose the right one?

Here are five things you need to consider:

Meat Products

The first thing you need to consider when finding a supplier are the meat products. What brands are they carrying? There are different brands of wagyu beef out there, so find out what they have in stock. Knowing the brand will give you information on where the cattle came from. Kobe, Matsusaka, and Omi are three of the most popular ones. There are other brands that are not world renowned but taste great as well.

You can also find out if the products are pre-packed or not. Most food service companies don’t prefer the prepacked ones because they won’t be able to create a dish they want if they don’t have the right size or cut. If you’re creating a specialty or a specific kind of dish, you need to have the right slice and cut of beef. The most popular cuts include sirloin, skirt steak, offal, ribs, brisket, tongue, chuck eye, and rib-eye spencer roll.

Freshness guarantee is another thing you might want to know about when choosing a supplier. Find out how the meat products are being transported from the producers to them, and how they will transport it to you.

Wagyu grade is an important detail you want to know about and ask your prospective supplier. The grade indicates the quality of the beef. When you’re familiar with this, you’ll know what you’re being offered. Japan Meat Grading Association awards these grades to the products.

An A5 grade is the highest grade a wagyu beef can receive. The yield grade can range from letters A to C, A being the highest. The yield grade indicates the meat quality of the cow. This is followed by the quality grade, with numbers one to five, five being the highest. The quality grade is measured through four criterias: (1)fat color, luster and quality, (2)marbling, (3)meat texture and firmness, and (4)meat brightness and color.

Delivery Policy

Beef WagyuWagyu

You want your meat to be delivered fresh, which is why this is an important factor. Instant delivery is what you should be aiming for. Check out if they have a same-day delivery option. Find out where they are delivering the products, and make sure your area is covered. Some companies deliver all over the United Arab Emirates but some places are exempted.

When are they shipping your orders? It’s good if they have the same-day delivery option, but if not, find out their schedule. This is crucial because you never when you’ll run out of stock or if there is an emergency. Fortunately, there are some companies that accept urgent delivery requests.

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Delivery policies will provide you information on what days they deliver to certain areas, what days they’re off, the cutoff time for placing orders, availability of products, and all the costs. These policies may change so make sure to confirm everything.

Payment, Cancellation, and Refund

If in any case, you’ve decided to cancel your order or request a refund, you need to be aware of what policies they have regarding such matters. These will differ depending on your chosen supplier. But what details should you focus on?

Find out when is the earliest possible time to cancel your orders. Can you do it before delivery? Are they allowing cancellations or are you only allowed to request for a replacement? If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, can you return it? How many hours should it take you to return the item?

The refund policy should state how much they’re willing to refund, how long it will take, what are the methods to choose from.

Companies offer different methods when it comes to payments. Find out if they’re accepting online bank transfers, credit card payments, or cash on deliveries. Also find out what currencies they’re accepting. Can you pay in AED or USD? And is there a minimum order value?

Considering these things before hiring a supplier will help you find the best partner to provide the most sought-after beef in the world, so be smart about choosing.

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