7 Must-Eat Foods to Try When You Visit Sydney
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Visiting Sydney will certainly fill you with the greatest experience. As you traverse the city with its never-ending hives of activity. While it is often referred to as Australia’s New York version, tourists are completely in awe of its stunning beaches, picturesque harbor and gardens, and beautiful city skyline. Though people visit Harbour City due to its world-renowned Opera House, it is also home to delicious brunches, satisfying comfort food, and creative cuisines. All over Sydney, you can find amazing food whether you fancy the expensive and luxurious cuisines or you just want to chill with the affordable grab-to-go food.

Because Sydney is a paradise of mixed culture and a lot of great food options, you are budget-ready for your next meal. Outside Sydney CBD, the thriving lane cove restaurants are buzzing with energy to serve good food at a great price. Hence, for your next visit to Sydney, take note of these must-eat foods that will surely deliver the authentic Australian flavor.

1. The Famous Australian Meat Pie

Australian Meatpie

The Australian meat pie is a world icon, and if you are visiting Sydney for the first time, you have to taste this delicious local comfort food. Fortunately, there are so many restaurants in Sydney that serve the best meat pies. With years of development, meat pies have evolved in different flavors, and whether you will go for chicken, beef, lamb, or pork, you will be fascinated with each taste. Moreover, if you are a vegetarian, head down to Funky Pies in Bondi for a whole new experience.

2. Australian Prawns

There is never a shortage of seafood restaurants in Sydney, and there are plenty of options for and Tiger prawns cuisines. You can either grill, steam, and turn into tempura dishes. Cirrus, one of the top restaurants in Sydney, is serving The Cirrus Platter that comes with king prawns, oysters, scallops, pickled clams, kingfish sashimi, mussels, and poached honey bugs. The good thing about Sydney is that you will not only enjoy the taste of the food but you will be spoiled with the stunning harbor landscape.

3. Bacon And Egg Roll

Although bacon and egg roll is originally a British meal, Australians have transformed it into breakfast, brunch, or snack.  Almost all restaurants and cafes in Sydney serve bacon and egg rolls. And throughout the years, these food establishments have competed to produce delicious, innovative, and affordable breakfasts. Hence, it is not a surprise to have different distinct styles and tastes when it comes to bacon and egg roll.

4. Lamington Cake

Lamington Cake

Lamington cakes are popular all over Australia because locals consider it the national cake. In Sydney alone, there are many bakeries and cake shops that serve Lamington cakes, where chefs have taken the flavor to another level. If you are looking for a moist cake, visit Flour And Stone, and taste a whole new lamington cake dipped in panna cotta mix before adding chocolate and desiccated coconuts on top. Because it is available all year round, you can also get a taste of a tropical lamington made with Australian native ingredients.

5. Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna is abundant in Australian waters. And because Sydney’s seafood standard is very high, the Yellowfin is transformed into mouth-watering dishes. Moreover, this fish is one of the city’s favorites and popular food among the locals. Restaurants incorporate several ways on how to cook Yellowfin. Each style, such as grilling, baking, searing, poaching, and smoking produce powerful flavors. Sydney has also turned Yellowfin tuna into comfort food. Try Saint Peter’s yellowfin tuna cheeseburger, blended with Zuni pickle and swordfish belly bacon served with fries.

6. Watermelon Cake

Black Star Pastry, the original creator of Watermelon Cake, the world-famous and most Instagrammed cake is located in various locations in Sydney. With its unique design, delicious flavor, the watermelon cake is one dessert that is worth having. Whether you just want a Sunday afternoon treat, or looking for a special cake for an important occasion, the watermelon cake is your next dessert goal.

7. Barramundi


Just like the other seafood, Barramundi is common and popular in Sydney. Many restaurants and street food establishments serve it. Barramundi is also one of the famous dishes because it is healthy and contains no growth hormones or antibiotics. Sydney locals quite enjoy the fish cooked in butter and then, deep-fried, and served with fish steak.

Whatever the style of cooking, Barramundi never loses its flavor, especially if combined with chilli hot basil, Thai curry, or other vegetables. You can also enjoy steamed Barramundi or grilled Barramundi.

Visiting the iconic Harbour City is full of endless experiences. You will enjoy not only its famous landmarks but also its revolutionary food. The city has the best places to offer that will meet your taste standards, as well as your budget.

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