Ate RM’s Money Cake And Cupcakes
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There are some foods that are presented beautifully, you’ll have a hard time eating them. You don’t want to destroy the work of art on a plate. However, there are times when the eyes and tongue don’t agree. The taste is way different than the aesthetics.

This is true because some businesses are obsessed with making a product Instagrammable rather than creating value. Based on my experience, this scheme created trust issues, especially for online products.

For my mom’s 75th birthday, I tapped Ate RM Homemade Cakes for the money cake because the designs boasted on its page are fantastic. I and the owner both agreed with the 6-inch money cake. I asked her to just add a pair of kidneys since my mom is a CKD warrior and allowed her imagination to take over. Am I satisfied? Well, read further.

The money cake and cupcakes


Knowing her tight schedule, I nudged Ate RM a month before my mom’s birthday. We agreed that the chocolate moist cake will be delivered on October 2 and dude… she didn’t miss it and communicated with me until the cake was delivered. I also was touched because she also sent us a dozen of chocolate cupcakes as well.

The cake is stunning. It was covered with pink fondant and beautified by bright edible marbles. The cut for the roll of money was disguised well, my mother didn’t notice it despite her carefully inspecting it. Two thumbs up!

After blessing the food, my siblings and I picked the cupcakes first. Yes, about 6 hands rushed to pick a cupcake because all of us couldn’t resist the fantastic treats… They. Are. Delicious. We all know that there are times when chocolate treats are too sweet, they mask the flavors of chocolate. Ate RM’s cupcakes are different because you can still taste the bitter chocolate flavor.  The frosting? It’s something to die for.


Just like the cupcake, the cake is delicious. The ratio of cake and fondant is perfect. Most specifically, it was not overloaded with sugar.


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Ate RM is highly recommended

Overall, we are happy with the cake and cupcakes. We will definitely repeat orders.

If you are looking for cakes for your party, I highly recommend Ate RM Homemade Cakes since the business aims for value and not just aesthetics. My sisters even asked for the page and then later caught them checking out the designs. I guess the other flavor of cakes and cupcakes are delicious as well because she uses premium ingredients only.

You can check the pinned post for the other designs, price, and contact details.

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    Thank you so much, Ringo!!!
    I’m teary-eyed right now. Overjoyed.
    So happy that you all enjoyed the cake and Cupcakes!!!

    Thank you! Thank you!
    God bless you more. 😊❤️

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