Food Find: 400ml Dutchmill Delight
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I am happy that there is now a 400ml Dutchmill Delight. You can buy it from 7-Eleven stores but I am hoping that they will soon be available everywhere.

Philippine politics will never be fun, and it’s becoming less interesting. I can say it because we lost the greatest president we never had.

The late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is one passionate politician, lawyer, and speaker. Moreover, she is also a comedienne, trendsetter, and social media star.

She is the only popular person I know who can immediately shift a room’s mood from a serious note to a fun one and vice versa.

Though her epic moments are uncountable, my favorite one happened during the trial of late Chief Justice Renato Corona where she requested the secretariat to record that she said “wha!”

“Wha” is also my reaction after discovering a large version of a drink that I love. I found a 400ml Dutchmill Delight.

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Packaging, Availability, and Price

Of course, this bottle is the giant version of the Dutchmill Delight that is available even in Sari-sari stores. The only difference is the bottle cap.

I used to buy my groceries from Puregold, Shopwise, and Ever Gotesco Supermarket. However, I didn’t see this 400ml Dutchmill Delight and since I just discovered this recently, the only known store I knew that caters this is 7-Eleven.


You can buy them for P45.00, which is expensive because the 100ml is only 10.00.

Stating the store hours of 7-Eleven, I can say the 400ml Dutchmill Delight are cheaper in other stores. Hopefully, Dutchmill will soon be available in groceries near our places.

Taste and Verdict

Well, just what like I said in my previous review about Dutchmill Delight, the drink is creamy and sweet. Because they are now bigger, so we can remove the unsatisfying part.


It has been weeks now since I discovered this big Dutchmill Delight. I love it so much to the point that whenever I pass by a 7-Eleven store, I’ll buy one. I also once exchanged the drinks of an eat-all-you-can restaurant to this.

Though I recommend this so much, it’s only because of the taste. Please allow me to warn you about the sugar it contains. If you are watching your calories and carb intake, I don’t think this is a good refreshment for you.

Written by Ringo

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  2. Analyn Reply

    Hello can I order directly? How much? And how to order?
    Thanks 😊

  3. Adebowale Priscilla Reply

    I’m based in Nigeria. Can I get samples. I want to be a distributor here in lagos

  4. What's with You Guys Reply

    Why are you guys asking for orders or samples. The author is just reviewing the product hahaha. If you want to order, to Shopee or Lazada or whoever supplies this product.

    • Day Reply

      Hahahaah. True. These guys are reading and concluding through title only.

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