Dutchmill Delight: The Tummy-Friendly but Unsatisfying Drink
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The insistent public demand for a bigger bottle of Yakult is never heard, and we are sulking. Pointless, however.

Backed by science, the makers of this bankable drink may not grant our request (unless we are in Japan or Thailand).

Firstly, our body needs billions of the live Lactobacillus to become healthier, and that small bottle is enough to accommodate them. Yes, I know, you have this question why does the company just come up with a huge bottle and indicate recommendations.

Though it’s obvious that none of us will follow, the company is not suspicious. It only wants to prevent oxidation and contamination.

Another delicious but unsatisfying product is the Dutchmill Delight Probiotics Drink.

Delight is now penetrating the probiotic drink market, which I can say, is being dominated by Yakult. Dutchmill, the company behind this product, is doing an awesome marketing job.

Just like Yakult, the target market of Delight Probiotic Drink is the residential areas in the Philippines. Men and women who are equipped with a pushcart are roaming around alleys offering the drink. Some are even offering sari-sari store owners discounted price so they can also resell.

Delight Pack

The Dutchmill Delight Probiotics Drink is the same price of Yakult. However, the latter only has 80ml compared to the 100ml of the former. So we can say, Delight is cheaper.

Though most of the children still recognize Yakult, more and more children are now looking for Delight because of the free straw. Some parents also prefer it because they know their children can enjoy more drink.


Dutchmill has been providing us with the delicious and tummy-friendly drinks and Delight is never an exemption. It is a highly recommended product. However, in terms of the taste, Yakult is more flavorful and creamier and therefore, I prefer more.

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