Ricoa Flat Tops: The All-Time And Precious Kiddie Thrills
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The Ricoa Flat Tops is a candy that is a dream to the sweet tooths. However, it can also be a great ingredient to a sumptuous dessert.

Sweet tooth among children is perfectly normal. Why? It is because they have more than 10,000 taste buds with the majority are sensitive to sweetness. Also, there are findings that children, especially those who are breastfed, are getting used to the sweetness of the milk in a way that they looked for it until their toddler years. Cool, isn’t it?!

This same goes for my childhood. I am one of those kids who always crave for sugary bites. However, being the one with little money, I can only munch on those very cheap thrills.

The Ricoa Flat Tops

But every time I got money, like for example, my older sisters gave me some or I have saved my allowances, I treat myself for some a little expensive treats.

One of the treats that I use to buy whenever I had enough is the Ricoa Flat Tops. During those days, whenever you are chewing and carrying the wrapper, your friends will envy you with some of them will try to at least have a small bite. This is one expensive treat that kids would die for.

Ricoa Flat Tops are sumptuous candies shaped like a cup, thus, the name. This is one of my all-time favorites because of its smooth texture, lingering aroma, and creamy madness.


The Nostalgia

As far as I can remember, way back this was sold for P1.00 per piece. Then, it just went up and up until it reached P3.00 and as far as I know, way back 2004, this is available via our school cafeteria for P4.00 each.

Maybe due to the price, this is not usually available in sari-sari stores in our area.

If you want to have these delights, go to your groceries. You can easily spot it in the chocolate section of your favorite groceries and convenient store. You can but the “approximately 100 pieces” pack for more than P140.oo. This means that you can buy this for P1.50 a piece and as far as my observation is concerned, this is smaller than what I use to munch my kiddie days.

During my childhood, I love to leave for about one to two hours in the refrigerator to make it hard. Then, I will try much the cold and hard treats while the melts-in-your-mouth property of the product also adds kick to my snack experience. Imagine this: Cold and hard treat, then, will slowly melt in your mouth. For kids, it’s a moment of a great experience.


Also, A Great Ingredient

Though the taste of this awesome childhood buddy is still the same, I don’t usually crave for it anymore. Whenever it’s available, I’ll just grab two to three pieces and then will leave it for the kids in our house.

Ricoa Flat Tops aren’t just a sweet tooth’s dream. It is also a cooking enthusiast’s buddy because the flavor can definitely make a masterpiece. You can try my version of Graham Banoffee Cake, which uses the candy for the fillings.

Graham Banoffee Cake

Making Rainbows for this Generation

I asked nieces if they are familiar with the Ricoa Flat Tops and they said yes. They also love it and also expressed frustration because they can’t also buy it in sari-sari stores. They also found it a little expensive.

During my early times, the kiddie me and I can say, some of my friends, use to crave for this delightful treat. We sometimes ask our parents to buy those for us. Now, the younger generations are also hooked up. So, we can say, Ricoa Flat Tops is now a house name and will never be out of the market.

Flat Tops made my kiddie years colorful. Obviously, my nieces as well. And in the near future, I will never hesitate to introduce this to my children.

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