Tool Find: New Capsule Cutter
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New Capsule Cutter is a simple and convenient food processor available online. Check further to see my review.

Though chopping is an essential part of cooking a quality dish, it is painful. It’s one tough part of the cooking that kitchen enthusiasts need to face and they had to simply because it’s part of the job.

Chopping onions and garlic alone is already tough because of the pungent smell that causes us to tear. What more if we have to chop them by a large volume?

Fortunately for us, food processors are available.

New Capsule Cutter is one of the simplest but convenient and efficient food processors you can get. It features the most ergonomic design but compact enough to meet the demands of bulk processing.

Availability, Price and What to Expect?

You can buy this awesome food processor on Shopee, Lazada, and other online shopping websites. The lowest price so far is on Shopee by the seller Lukcyworld and it’s worth P268. No expectations set because of the price.

New Capsule Cutter

The New Capsule Cutter is verticle equipment, measuring 23.5 cm tall with the base measuring 11.3 cm. This is bigger than expected.

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This uses a simple but effective mechanism in chopping the food. The product features the body, which has the push button, motor, and safety plum blossom; double layer (4 blades) detachment cutter head; and the cup, which also includes the safety cover.

It’s also great that the products are pre-requisite to one another. Even the safety cover fills the gap between the body and the cup.

How Does it Work?

In just a mild tap of the button, the motor propels the set of blades inside the cup. So, you won’t need a long press, just 3-4 taps and you are done. Actually, it is not advisable to use this chopper longer than one minute, otherwise, the machine will burn.

New Capsule Cutter Onion

With New Capsule Cutter, you can chop onions and garlic in less than 10 seconds.

According to the product advertisement, this item can make baby food, purees, ice cream, soup, and many more. It can also grind meat and shave ice, though I haven’t tried using it in such harsher applications.

New Capsule Cutter Garlic

The safety cover won’t just protect your hands. It will also keep the cutter in place and will keep the food inside.


This is a recommended product. It will provide a smooth and hassle-free chopping task. I’ve been using this for a few months now, but I’ve never experienced clogs or malfunctions.

The cup and body are thick, durable and high-quality. Allow me to say that the parts will last because I once dropped the cup and it didn’t break.

For the price, New Capsule Cutter is quite worthy.

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