Orion Custard Cake Review
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Orion Custard Cake is a product of Vietnam. This features a rounded cupcake with fillings inside. Read my review to know more about it.

Packed cakes or pastries are popular in the Philippines because they provide quick reliefs to hungry stomachs and easy cravings satisfactions. They are also cheap, so, therefore, perfect for all walks of life.

I’m also a fan of such packed pastries and have tried most of them. I used to buy several pieces and will chow them while working. Just recently, I crave for something that I can’t buy in local stores.

So, when it’s time for me to run some errands, I took the opportunity to check some of the packed pastries at the grocery.

The Orion Custard Cake


While pushing my cart, I saw this attractive box featuring a well-pictured piece of rounded pastry with fabulous fillings. It’s the Orion Custard cake and since buying packed pastries is one of my goals for that day, I grabbed the two flavors available — the original custard and milk.


Based on the package, The Orion Custard Cake is an imported product from Vietnam. It claimed that it’s a premium cupcake with delicious fillings and no preservatives.

The packaging is super attractive, it actually encouraged me to try it.

Price and Availability

I bought the two boxes of Orion Custard in Ever Gotesco Supermarket for P84 per box. This means that it’s P14 for a 23-gram cupcake. Well, to compare a piece of Fudgee Barr, which will cost you P6.00 to P9.00 each depending on where you bought it contains 40 grams.


Since it’s imported, I understand the price. Also, if we’ll analyze, the product is actually cheaper than its western counterparts.


I believe that Orion Custard Cake is also available in bigger grocery stores such as the SM Hypermarket and Robinsons Supermarket. I checked the nearby and smaller groceries, I can’t find it. It’s also available on online platforms such as Shopee and Lazada.

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The Bread, Fillings, And Overall Taste

The Orion Custard Cake is somehow different from those being sold in local Filipino stores. The bread is super airy, grainy, oily, and it easily disintegrates. Quite different from the local products, which are generally compact, firm, and stable. I can’t compare it to any brands since it’s different.


The fillings are buttery and less sweet, which I like. However, it’s not custard. It’s more of a butter frosting. So, that’s another minus point for this product. The milk fillings are also butter frostings with creamy kicks.

The Verdict


Well, to be honest, Orion Custard Cake is not my preference. The cake is small and a bit pricey. The taste and feel didn’t add a great experience on my snack times. The fillings are a bit off as well and it’s too stingy.


I gave some to my nieces and sisters and they too agree with me that the fillings are not custard, which they called “false advertisement”. Somehow, they munching on them.

How about you? Have you tried Orion Custard Cake? Please share your experience in the comment below.

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