Trigger Your Happy Hormones with Dairy Queen
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Dairy Queen Ice Cream is the best example of fattening but a dopamine-triggering dessert that everyone must try.

Irresponsible dog owners are everywhere and to be frank, they are now causing troubles. Just recently, a dog bit my legs while walking, and since the owners are irresponsible, I kept my silence. Fortunately, San Lazaro Hospital in Manila offers free anti-rabies shots.

San Lazaro Hospital is far, and it’s a hassle. I filed offsets from my work in order to attend my medical needs. However, there’s a good side: I was able to explore and fulfill some plans such as upgrading my SIM card and claiming my Globe Gcash card.

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While waiting for my new sim card and Gcash card at the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City, I walked around hoping for some adventure. I saw a Dairy Queen, which prompted me to take my phone out and aimed.

Where to Buy?

Dairy Queen is an international ice cream establishment that originated in America. It caters soft-served ice cream that is thick to the point that you can flip the cup upside down.

There are two stalls of Dairy Queen in Gateway Mall. The first is located on the ground floor and the second is located on the first floor, which is adjacent to the MRT station. I bought from the latter.


The crew during that time is amazing. He is polite, prompt in taking orders and answered all my questions without hesitation. From the way he moves and prepares the orders, he’s been doing it for quite some time now. Kudos!

Menu and Pricing

I’ve been an avid fan of Dairy Queen since my college days. Though it’s a luxury, I save my money to afford it, and during those days, my favorite is the KitKat Blizzard.


During my visit, there’s no available KitKat Blizzard on the menu. Much to my delight, the only available are Mudpie, Brownie Crunch and Strawberry Cheesecake. The sizes are mini, regular, medium, and large for P69, P85, P109, and P139 respectively.


I ordered the medium Brownie Crunch.

Also available are Royal Blizzards, Novelties including sandwiches and bars, and the Sweet Deals including sundae and cones.

Taste and Verdict

Dairy Queen is known to serve amazing ice cream snacks featuring the thick whipped cream and what’s amazing is the large bits of tasty treats that will give a separate feel, texture, and flavor to the ice cream.


I love the chewy bites because of the slices of brownies and that crunchy feel because of the nuts excites my palate more. Though a bit frustrated because KitKat Blizzard is not available, my happy hormones are still triggered.

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