Food Find: Choco Mucho Pop Bites
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The Choco Mucho Pop Bites are rounded vanilla biscuits that are coated with premium chocolate. They come in dark and milk chocolate variants.

Since I needed to focus on my job as a home base content writer for an international eyewear e-retailer, I closed my mini sari-sari store.

Since my nieces, sisters, and brother knew I still have stocks left, they used to knock on my door to buy, even late at night. Instead of getting annoyed, I thought of a brilliant idea… An honesty store!

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Guess what? My nieces buy more because they don’t have to knock on my door and as a result, I earn extra money with very little effort.

One of the best sellers in my store is the Choco Mucho Pop Bites.


The Choco Mucho Pop Bites are tiny vanilla cookie balls that are coated with chocolate. If you know Maltesers, that’s one of the most popular brands that have the resemblance.

Packaging, Price, and Availability

Brought to us by Rebisco, the Choco Mucho Pop Bites comes in two variants: the dark and milk chocolate. Red for the dark and violet for the milk. Each box contains 10 pieces of 40-gram packs of the rounded treats.

I only stumbled with them while picking some stocks for my mini sari-sari store in Pure Gold Jr., near Diliman Preparatory School. They are P9.00 each with no discount even when you buy the whole box.


Allow me to say that the packaging is amazing because they caught my eyes. When I found out that Choco Mucho made them, I didn’t hesitate to bring them home and allow my nieces to try. They instantly got hooked.


Unfortunately, they are not for people who watch calories because a pack has 200 calories and mainly composed of carbs after carbs.

Taste and Verdict

I love both variants. However, between the two, I prefer the bitter one because of the stronger flavor and aroma.


The shiny chocolate coatings melt in your mouth, and they are explosive. Though thin, I know that they are the premium type. The brittle cookies add crunch and texture to my chewing moments that make my snack time enjoyable.

I suggest the sari-sari store owners would sell them as well because they are best as school snack for elementary students.

The Choco Mucho Pop Bites are highly recommended.

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