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Hurom Juicer is a not-so-cheap but functional juicer. It can yield more juice than other juicers in the market.

For most of us, dieting, for whatever purpose we wanted, is like a dark alley — scary and as much as possible should be avoided. Humans evolved and along with it is the evolution of tastebuds resulting in a more meticulous palate.

Disregarding the budget, people used to choose the unhealthier options because they simply taste better.

How about if I’ll tell you that there is one gadget for a healthy refreshment that is worthy? It may cause pocket harm but the result is delighting.

Introducing the Hurom Juicer, a kitchen gadget that each family should have. This is also good for people who wanted to cut down their sugar intake but can’t stay away from refreshing drinks.

What is Hurom Juicer?

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Hurom is one expensive juicer that features this slow and patented technology compared to the usual ones that use the grate-and-spin process. However, it’s worthy because it yields more juice compared to other juicers in the market.

With this product, you can create pure watermelon juice, the refreshing carrots and cucumber juice, and grape juice. You can also juice out soybeans, olives, almond for almond milk and many more.

I and my family have tried several juicing machines and so far, we are contented with the standard Hurom Juicer.

The Masticating Process

The company spent 40 years of research to provide the world with the high-end juicer and as a result is the so-called masticating process. This involves slowly crushing the pulp as if the machine is chewing it and then will squeeze it resulting to 40% more juice than the ordinary grate-and-spin juicers.

This is done with the use of an auger that rotates at a desired speed, which is usually at around 43 rpm. It’s fast and strong enough to thoroughly munch the pulp but slow and gentle not to create a friction that destroys the enzymes.

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The auger is made from BPA-free polyetherimide (PEI), which is high-performance thermoplastic. It is shatter-proof even in a high-pressured environment.

The strainer, which comes in an array of sizes based on models, is also made of a flexible PEI and stainless steel. It won’t shatter or wear out even in a long period.

This masticating process produces almost no sound. Based on my experience, it is indeed silent. I’ve become more confident to juice during the dawn without waking my parents up.

Setup and Cleaning Process

The Hurom is the safest and definitely, the most user-friendly among the juicers we bought. When setting this up, you just need to follow the colored dots and not the complicated mechanisms.

Hurom Parts

There is also this automatic machine-lock technology where the parts serve as gears of the system with one is essential in making the whole system work. One missing or misaligned piece, the Hurom Juicer won’t function.

Since this features a slow process, you won’t be paranoid that some pieces will go flying around and might cause injuries.

The parts are also easy to remove and clean. Just use an ordinary sponge to clean the auger and a used toothbrush to remove the fiber that stuck in the holes of the strainer.

The Negatives

Though Hurom is one heck of a product, it also has disadvantages.

One of the known bad sides is the price… Even the most basic unit will cost you a few hundred of dollars. So, we can say this is not for people with a tight budget. Though the parts are tough, they are not diamond and therefore will also break. Guess what? The replacement parts, which you can only buy from Hurom, are also expensive.

This juice more than any other brand. However, when you check the pulp, you can still squeeze out some more juice, a thing that actually cringes me.

The tube where you will insert the fruits and vegetables is quite narrow. You still have to slice them.


Hurom Juicer may cost you hundreds of bucks, especially if you want to upgrade the functions compared to the standard one. However, allow me to say, that it’s worthy. Not a perfect product but you will be amazed.

Hurom is acknowledged by health experts. It was also featured by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart.

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