Good Shepherd Ube Jam From Baguio City
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The Good Shepherd Ube Jam from Baguio City is one of the most awesome ube jam that you can buy. Is it worthy? Well, read further.

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Good Shepherd Ube

My friends went to Baguio in February and supposedly, I should be coming with them. However, my plans changed after a commitment pushed through. When they came back, I was surprised they bought me some treats and one of them is the ever-popular Good Shepherd’s Ube Jam.

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Price, Packaging, and Availability

You can buy the product in groceries, tourist shops, and many more. There are also some vendors who will roam around tourist places offering such products. You can also find it in wet markets and sidewalks.

You can buy the 12 oz. (440 grams) P200+ according to Escape Manila and can go up depending on the location. You can also buy it in popular online shops like Shopee, Lazada, and Carousell, just expect the price will go up more than the company’s SRP.

The product comes with a clear glass bottle designed with the logo of the company that manufactured it. I like it as you can easily see the jam inside.

The Taste

I’m also 100% sure that they are not into extenders. If there are, there’s only a few. Why did I say so? It’s because the color is lighter and the consistency is smoother. This is also more sticky than any other purple jams in the local markets along Metro Manila. I can compare it like way back during my high school years when we made some purple jams in our Home Economics class where we processed the root crops without any extenders.

Good Shepherd Ube jam

This also doesn’t come too sweet, just enough for me. Again, I know that there are no to little extenders added in the dessert as the flavor of the purple jam is highly present.

The creamy flavor of the dessert is something you can love about it. The creaminess plus the distinct flavor of the yam combines well and will explode inside your mouth. An experience that I always look for.

I can still say it’s still worthy. Compared to other purple jam in the market, this one from Baguio contains more yam and quite creamier.

One thing that caught my attention was the message at the cover of the bottle. It says: “You help send us through college each time you buy our products -Cordillera Youth”. This message makes me think that I’m luckier to have parents who worked on my tuition during college. Also, it convinced me that indigenous groups really need help.

A highly recommended product.

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