Lessen Your Plastic Usage With This Foldable Straw
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This foldable straw is a genius invention. This definitely helps in minimizing the plastic trash.

According to Our World in Data, the Philippines is the third-largest country with mismanaged plastic waste. The first is China and the second is Indonesia.

It’s quite alarming because, in 2025, our nation is projected to contribute at least 8% of the world’s total plastic waste and it’s significantly super-duper high.

We should do something about it.

In all fairness, the awareness of the effects of plastic waste in nature is everywhere. Environmental activists are becoming more and more aggressive in exposing the bad side of plastic convenience. The Philippine government, again, in all fairness, has issued several rules and regulations to lessen plastic usage.

Due to the awareness and government mild ban on plastic, some good things are happening.

Several restaurants and food stalls issued no-straw policy while groceries are hardcore in encouraging their customer to bring their own eco-bags.

The Foldable Straw

Foldable Straw 4

I admit I’ve been experiencing inconvenience with this no-straw policy. So, when I saw a video promoting a foldable straw, I was delighted. I immediately checked the Shopee and my spirit jumped out of joy.

I just want to try the water first so I bought the most inexpensive one, which is being catered by jerry7777777. They are available in many colors.

Three days after my package arrived.

What to Expect?

What arrived is a 3 x 1 x 1.5 inches box and inside is the magnet-lock, black container. With this, you’ll have a foldable straw and a cleaner. The container has a hole for a string so you can use this as a keychain.


The foldable straw measures nine inches. It is composed of 4 sections and inside is a thick rubber making the whole product flexible, allowing its foldable capabilities.

Foldable Straw 5

The Test

I have been using this for some time already and it’s pretty amazing. However, there’s always a downfall.

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I also tested it with buko pandan drink from Pao Tsin since it’s one of the companies that implemented the no-straw policy. It turned out that the strips of flesh will block the straw and since the inner lining is made of rubber, it’s hard to sip.


What I do is I flip the straw and continue drinking.

There’s also this rubber smell. I suggest you clean it properly using dish soap and the cleaner before using it.


Though this straw is not good for drinks with solid ingredients like strips of coconut, jellies, and tapiocas, this goes well with drinks like water, soda, and even coke float.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using this product quite some time already and so far so good. It appears to me that this will last longer than to my expectations. A bit wiggly, however.


Whenever I’m using it some people’s attention is caught. Some were even smiling. It’s a good feeling that people are noticing it that will surely raise awareness that such a product exists.

Imagine if 50 people will avail such straw and can use it for 50 restaurant dinings, then Mother Nature is saved from another 2,500 pieces of one-time use straw.

With the convenience, application, and nature-saving purposes, this foldable straw is a highly recommended product.

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