Happy PeanutSpread: The Happy Peanuts Peanut Butter
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Happy PeanutSpread is a product of our favorite snack, the Happy Peanuts. It’s amazing that my kiddie food is now to the next level.

Though we were provided with gaming gadgets such as Sony PlayStation and desktop computers by our hard-working parents, I still spent most of my time outside playing kiddie games like patintero, mataya-taya, piko, tumbang preso, and many more.

I and my buddies were so close to each other to the point of chipping money in to buy snacks and will happily eat together, without exclusions, including those who can’t afford it.

Among the snacks that we love to chow down is Happy Peanut.

My blood rushed after seeing Happy PeanutSpread in an article by a popular food blog.


Availability, Price, and Packaging

I immediately checked Shopee to see if it’s available online. They are and they are everywhere. I bought the lowest price, which is P140.00 from lovelyshop2013 with P65.00 shipping fee.

Unfortunately, lovelyshop2013 is not selling it anymore.

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A friend of mine claimed that she used to look for it in groceries and she’s sometimes successful, which is different from my experience because I always fail in checking Happy PeanutSpread in grocery stores.


The packaging is an ordinary plastic container with a blue cap. The sticker boasts the iconic blue, yellow, and red colors that represent the regular sachet of Happy Peanuts.

Texture, Taste, and Verdict

The Happy PeanutSpread is smoother than the popular local peanut butter brand in the Philippines. It is also less oily and easier to spread, probably because it has no bits of peanuts.


However, there is missing in the flavor and I can’t explain it. I even bought that popular local brand to compare but no avail. To be honest, I still prefer that popular local brand.

Happy PeanutSpread is a good product, and it’s somehow refreshing. Unfortunately, it won’t be in my list whenever I’m buying groceries. I won’t crave for it.

Try Happy PeanutSpread and re-live your kiddie memories.

Written by Ringo

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