Big Bang Grilled Seaweeds by Tao Kae Noi Review
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Tao Kae Noi Big Bang Grilled Seaweeds is one expensive but delicious snack from Malaysia.

I dream of having a beachfront property where every morning, I’ll take my morning exercise. Then, I’ll grab my portable stove and other kitchen tools before proceeding to the beach to forage for my breakfast.

Because of this dream, I used to watch beach foraging videos. I used to enjoy the adventure of Outdoor Chef Life.

Equipped with a GoPro, Tako, a sushi chef, travels around to visit the coastal areas of America to pick seaweeds, shellfishes, and even catch fish that he will later cook. My favorite episode is when he made an impromptu seaweed and seafood chowder out of his catch and enjoyed it with an artichoke bread.

Speaking of seaweeds, my foodie sister Riza, introduced me to this wonderful snack. I immediately fell in love with it and now, I’ll introduce it to you. This is the Tao Kae Noi Big Bang Grilled Seaweed.

Availability, Packaging, and Price

The Tao Kae Noi Big Bang Grilled Seaweed is a pack featuring sheets of flavored grilled seaweeds from Malaysia. However, I can say that the company that created this is also into importations because it’s also available in Singapore.


The packaging of this treat is extravagant. It features a thick and durable plastic bag with a zip lock. The nine sheets of seaweeds are then individually packed in thick plastic. I don’t agree because first, it’s such a waste of plastic and second, I used to end up breaking the whole sheet as I pull it.


The treat also doesn’t come cheap. My sister got three variants on sale and they are worth $7 Singapore dollars. The usual price is $5 Singapore dollars per pack.

Flavors, Taste, and Verdict

Based on an internet search, the Tao Kae Noi Big Bang Grilled Seaweed comes in different variants. The company provides the roll, value pack, and the small pack.


The flavors of this snack are the classic, hot and spicy, and spicy grilled squid. Though I love all them, the grilled spicy squid is the best because you can identify the squid flavor with kicks of sweetness and spice.


The sheets are brittle and crunchy, which, for me, is better than those chewy seaweeds intended for making sushi. The smell is also amazing, they are like the ocean but not stench, and since they are crunchy, expect a wonderful chewing experience.


Tao Kae Noi Big Bang Grilled Seaweed is delicious and I still recommend you to try this. I will not say, it’s worthy because it’s not. Rather, I am recommending it as a treat for a job well done, or once every salary.

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