Jollibee’s Ube Macapuno Pie
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The Ube Macapuno Pie is the newest addition to the hand pie menu of Jollibee. I first saw this on an internet ad, and immediately, I went ballistic because I love pies, purple yam, and macapuno.

Though it took me days to go to the nearest Jollibee to have it, I’m still excited to share my experience with you, guys! So, here’s my personal review of Jollibee’s Ube Macapuno Pie:

What is Ube Macapuno Pie?

Ube or purple yam is a favorite root crop in the Philippines. We love it as is or processed to ube jam. Macapuno is actually a coconut with abnormal development of an endosperm, which will result in gelatinous and flavorful flesh.

Jollibee Ube Macapuno Pie

Purple yam and macapuno are all-time favorite desserts. Combining them is a legend.

Probably, Jollibee knew Filipinos love the combination so it came up with a hand pie with ube and macapuno fillings. Well, I think the company made the right decision.

Packaging and Where to Buy?

The ube macapuno pie is available in all Jollibee stores nationwide. However, since it’s new on the menu, expect that it’s out of stock. I bought mine in Shopwise Commonwealth Avenue.


I have to be honest with my experience — when I got my order, I was surprised that they were stuffed inside a chicken joy box, which actually prompted me to request individual boxes.

The box shows Peach Mango on one side and then Buko and Others on the other side. The manager explained that they will just make the box based on your order. I found it a bit lazy, though, stating the fact that Jollibee hand pies are always blockbuster.

As of the publishing, you can buy the Jollibee Ube Macapuno Pie for P30 per piece, P89 for 3 pieces, and P175 for 6 pieces.

Taste and Verdict

As expected, the ube macapuno pie is delicious, especially when they just came out from the fryer. The crust is delightfully rich and crunchy while the warm filling will get your tongue excited. The ube filling is quite good, it passed my standards — the taste is not far from Good Shepherd Ube Jam. The macapuno is good as well. When combined? It’s divine!

Jollibee Ube Macapuno Pie 2

I bought six pieces and gave them to my family members. They love it too! Though the crust will sog in a few minutes, it’s still delicious.

The hand pies are fried, so it’s always expected to be oily. If there’s a way that Jollibee can minimize that oil, it will become more pleasurable.

To be honest, the pies get smaller and smaller every time I buy. I think it would be lovely as well if Jollibee would come up with a special option for a bigger pie with more fillings.


The Jollibee Ube Macapuno Pie is a fantastic product that surely captivated my tongue and soul. I’ll definitely crave for more in the next days and hopefully, Jollibee won’t remove it from the menu. Though I still love Peach and Mango Pie more, this is already a go-to dessert to compliment my favorite C3 meal.

How about you? What do you think about Jollibee Ube Macapuno Pie? Drop a comment…

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