Chocolate Lover: The Best Baking Supplier In The Metro
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Chocolate Lover is an amazing place for baking enthusiasts. This place will make you drool.

Way back, when I am still working in this BPO company at Cybergate 3 in Mandaluyong, I can always see this castle from the MRT view and am really curious about it. When I checked the internet, it was the Chocolate Lover office where you can buy different baking products.

My blood rushed and I planned to go there.

The Place and Schedules

The Cubao Branch stands in 45 P.Tuazon Blvd. corner, C. Benites St. Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. When you are in the MRT Cubao station, facing the Taft way, go down to your right (Edsa-Arayat).  You can ride the orange tricycle (BAPTODA) and just ask the driver to drop you off the Chocolate Lovers.

The branch is open from Mondays to Sundays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

I love the interiors and other designs of the place. As I mentioned earlier, you can see the view while riding the MRT and it’s super attractive. One of the craziest things that came into my mind is that the castle itself is edible.

Chocolate Lover Inc

Upon entering the branch you can smell the aroma of chocolate that will keep you relaxed. In terms of organizing the products, I can say that it’s fair enough. But, I would like to suggest to them that they should compile the consumable products separately to the tools and other non-consumables. I spent some time looking for the heart-shaped packaging materials because it was not in the aisle of the non-consumables. Later, found out that it was in the chocolate section.


You are not allowed to take pictures. But, I already took some before someone notified me, which prompted me to stop and apologize. I then talked to many people regarding taking pictures for my food blog, but there were no supervisors or officers in charge.

The Employees, Products and Prices

The employees are kind and approachable. They will answer your questions with smiles on their faces. Based on my point of view, most of them undergo training in baking so they can answer queries. Every Sunday, the employees told me that there were no owners or supervisors in the store. Only the stay-in personnel. So, if you have a business deal, make sure you will go on weekdays.

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If I will give them a grade in terms of training employees, I will give them 95% and a standing ovation. I was satisfied with the employees’ skills.


The blocks of chocolates are cheap. I saw one priced at P98.00 for half a kilo. You can even buy wholesale.

In terms of other baking products like confectionery, molds, baking tools they have higher prices. I was surprised that their chocolate toppings or what is called Jimmies (they call it vermicelli) are a little expensive compared to those sold in the market located near my place.

Services and Contacts

Aside from the supplies for retailers, bakers and wholesalers, they also have baking classes. I forgot to ask the employees about them, but I know they will teach you the proper way to melt chocolates and recipes for mouth-watering desserts. I even noticed a poster in the entrance showing a woman’s handbag made from chocolate. Truly, amazing!

More for information about their classes you can contact them through the following details:

For those who are far from the store of Chocolate Lover, you can order online for store-to-door delivery!

My Conclusion

When I got home, I showed the chocolates I bought to my sister and my nieces. They are astonished as well. When they found out that the prices are that low, they are more astonished. One of my nieces said the semi-sweet bar tastes like Goya.

Chocolate Lover Inc buy

Overall I love this place, there were products that you can’t find in groceries that are available in the store.

Am I recommending this place? Of course, 100%, especially if you are a baking enthusiast. Go to this place and you don’t want to go home anymore. Just be sure that you will set aside some of your money for your fare because you can’t help but to buy. Go to that place now and fall in love.

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