To that Victim in the Viral Bullying Video: I Adore You
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Recently, the Philippine social media erupted after a bullying video was uploaded online.

It showed a kid, who happened to be a trained fighter, bullying a bigger kid. Later, he overpowered him and worse, injuring him.

I chose not to share the video not because the culprit is a minor but because I wanted to preserve the dignity of the victim, who, in fact, is being blamed. Yes, I used to see victim blamers in the comment section.

To that victim, I didn’t know your name, but I adore you… I adore your courage and your audacity not to be in that humiliation game despite threats of being harmed.

You were asked “bugbog o dignidad” with the bully explaining that if you chose dignity, you will have to kneel and kiss his shoes and private part. You chose the former.

I assume that you know that your attacker is a black belter and he had his chuwariwaps. You knew he is strong and you are outnumbered but you still tried to defend yourself. I saw you lifting your fists and anytime will counter-attack but the bully simply overpowered you.

During the end of the video, the bully landed a powerful punch on your face and obviously, you were stunned. You bled and in pain while you went to the corner, feeling humiliated and stepped on.

Let me tell you this — you were not humiliated. Actually, it’s the other way around. The bully reacted that way because unlike what he wanted you to do you chose not to surrender your dignity. It turned out that he chose the wrong boy.

As a victim of bullying myself, this may take a toll on you. You may have trust issues; but I’m hoping you won’t. Please keep in mind that many people, like me, have focused their attention not on the bully but to the kid who braved the odds. For us, you ended up dignified and dignity is pure. No physical harm can take it.

Keep on fighting not just the bullies but life as well. Not the bullies and the netizens who will help you to be on top. It’s yourself only.

God Bless you!

Written by Ringo

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