Food Citations, a reintroduction
Spread the love is now back and with a vengeance…

I started this blog in 2012 and had fun doing it. However, I admit, because of a booming business I somehow, but not completely, neglected it. I constantly changed my passwords and updated it at least twice a month.

One day, I just found out that my websites, including, were hacked. So, I tried contacting my hosting company. Much to my expectations, they said that it’s because of a weak password, to which I don’t believe because I use a combination of special characters and former cell phone number for them (no one will remember my cell phone number in college). It also frustrated me because instead of guiding me, they offered me a paid service.

I hired a third party to clean up my account. But, my bill kept on pounding me so I decided to just close all my websites and start from scratch. I also wanted to stay away from the disappointment, frustrations, and stress.

Now, after two months, I’m back! I plan to update this website at least three times a week. I will also be reposting some of my favorite recipes.

Written by Ringo

I am a home base guy who loves food, writing, books, and dogs... Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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