McDonald’s Milk Tea Float Review
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The McDonald’s Milk Tea float is the newest addition to milk tea lover’s list. I tried it and what can I say about it? Read further…

The creamy, bitter after-taste and full-of-aroma goodness of milk tea is taking the world by a storm. Let’s admit, they are pricey, but people can’t get enough of them.

Serenitea, Bubbatealicious, Infinitea, and Gong Cha are among the popular milk tea stores in the Philippines, and they are blockbuster. Whenever I go to Infinitea, which is the nearest store from my place, I never get the change to be first in line.

I was surprised and somehow delighted when an internet advertisement popped out featuring the newest product of McDonald’s — The Milk Tea Float.

With the concept taken from the ever-popular Coke Float, Milk Tea Float features the popular drink minus the pearl but topped with soft ice cream. I’m a huge fan of Coke Float, so my curiosity was triggered.

Price and Availability

I knew I should try The Milk Tea Float. However, I used to back off because every time I visit McDonalds Commonwealth near Ever Gotesco, the line of people waiting to be served up for both the main store and kiosk is quite long.


Fortunately, just this Saturday, me and my little cousin got the chance.

The Milk Tea Float is available in two flavors, the classic and winter melon. Also, in two sizes, the medium and large priced at P45 and P65 respectively.

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I ordered winter melon in a large plastic cup while my cousin wanted it classic, the same size of mine. We also took home a classic in a medium serving for a friend.

Taste and Verdict

The very first sip is overwhelming — it’s super sweet, and the winter melon flavor is strong. I thought of letting the treat sit in so the ice will melt and I was right: in just a few minutes, the flavors mixed in together resulting in a fabulous treat.


I mixed it using my straw with the intention of combining the ice cream to the other ingredients. It resulted in a creamier and tastier treat, which is for me, something unique to other milk teas in the market.

Whenever I buy Coke Float, I always request of less ice. I suggest people should also do the same with Milk Tea Float. I’m also not a fan of pearls, so it’s absence doesn’t hurt me. For pearl lovers, McDonald’s Milk Tea Float will take away that chewing experience.

Not the best milk tea in town. However, people should try it because, for me, it’s delicious as well.

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