Food Find: Roasted Hazel Nut Coffee from Malaysia
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The Roasted Hazel Nut Coffee by Super is an awesome 3-in-1 drink from Malaysia. This is superb!

Due to bad experiences in the corporate world, I decided to work home base since 2009. Now, I do think of what-ifs but I didn’t regret my decision.

Though being a home base personnel will bring lots of advantages, there are also some downs, and I’m talking about unhealthy foods and weight-watching here.

Since my neighbors are into selling street foods such as tokneneng, kwek kwek, and barbecue (before lockdown), I tend to buy eat large amount of them and dig through while working. I also love to pair them with 3-in-1 coffee from a sari-sari store, which is 10 steps away from my room.

That’s calorie overload.

Roasted Hazelnut White Coffee


Well, speaking of 3-in-1 coffee, my sister introduced me to this amazing drink — The Charcoal Roasted Hazelnut White Coffee.

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From the name itself, it features roasted hazelnut made into morning drink. This was bought by my sister in Singapore, but upon close checking it, it is made by a company named Supe from Malaysia.

Size and Price

Aside from Hazelnut the 36 gram-pack is composed of tons of ingredients. I just got a little confused because the company still calls it coffee when it doesn’t have instant coffee and cocoa powder. I think it should be called mocha and java latte.


So much for my suggestion… I know you have something in mind and yes! The 36 gram-pack can only make 200 ml or a cup of drink. Surprised? Me too. Here in the Philippines, packs of 3-in-1 coffees are usually composed of more than 20 grams, but can also make the same quantity.

The price? Well, it is a whopping 7SGD or almost P300.00 for a 15 piece pack or P20.00 each. Well, I can say, the price is ok.

I checked Shopee, it’s available. Someone also told me that a smaller and cheaper version of the brand is available in supermarkets. I’m not quite sure though.

The Verdict

The taste? This is the type of coffee that you can taste all the main flavors like bitterness, creaminess, and sweetness. At the same time, you can also taste the powerful flavor of the chocolate. Just think about Nutella and it’s strong flavor minus the sweetness, then, add creaminess and put some bitter kicks.

What I also love about this is that it forms foam making me enjoy this drink more.

Based on my taste buds, I’ll still enjoy it more than those sold in Starbucks, Coffee Bean and other famous coffee shops in Metro where sugar is fully loaded.

The Roasted Hazel Nut Coffee by Super is a highly recommended product.

Written by Ringo

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