I Tried Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich… Here’s What I Say
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Did you know that there’s Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich? I tried one and here are the things I can say about Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich.

Oreo is a simple cookie that dominated the world and put each and every one of us on our knees. People, from all walks of life, love to have a pack of this in their bags to give them a quick relief when that gastric juices go wild. All ages also love to dip it down a glass of milk and will joyfully put it in their mouths for that melt-in-your-mouth consistency.

Stats show that billions of Oreo cookies are consumed every year, which when laid, can cover the Earth’s surface five times. Well, I would never drop a single cookie!

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Aside from the classic vanilla filling, Oreo has now variants — strawberry, chocolate, mint, and many more. It also used to release some seasonal and limited edition products.

I’m not sure if it’s seasonal but when I stumble with the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich, I was fascinated. So, I grabbed it, paid for it, chowed it right after leaving the cashier’s table.


The Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

The Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich is literally composed of two big Oreo cookies that house thick vanilla ice cream. They are so perfectly put in place, they make an Instagrammable image that the cookie fans will surely love to post. It’s a gigantic cookie sandwich that will fulfill people’s fantasies.  Plus, the fact that it’s ice cream, it’ll surely be someone’s indulgence.


Where to Buy?

I bought mine in Isetann Don Antonio, Quezon City during one of my grocery tours to replenish some stocks. Seeing it in the freezer near the counter immediately sent chills to my body. I then grabbed it and took a picture of it with the intention of having a slot on my blog about it. I also bought one for my sister.

A pack of this awesome ice cream is worth P70.00, which is ok for me. I sometimes spoil myself with expensive food. However, it’s not for everybody since the amount is a bit high compared to other single-serve ice creams.

I’m trying to check for this specific item online but I can’t find it. It’s not even in the list of products on the official Oreo website. The closest I found was made by Klondikebar.com.

Let’s Dissect the Ice Cream


The packaging is mostly blue, which resembles the iconic packaging of the well-loved product. It’s filled with air, obviously to prevent the sandwich from breaking.

We all know that the wafer or cookie of the Oreo is brittle and usually, a single bite will have cracks on the other half. Well, that’s the problem I encountered. You see in the picture that the whole ice cream sandwich showed removed parts of the cookie. That’s because when you bite, some parts will fall off, which is a bit annoying. I still love the taste of the wafer, though.


The ice cream features vanilla with crushed Oreo cookies inside. The taste is like heavy cream with a slight hint of the Oreo fillings. I am somehow turned off by the amount of sugar, it’s super sweet. Way sweeter than the common ice cream like Selecta’s.

What’s My Verdict

Oreo is one heck of a snack and I’m one of those people who won’t stop eating until a row of cookies is gone. I’m also one of the fans, who would love to dip it in milk and will rush to put it in my mouth for that awesome texture and creamy taste.

However, and unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich. It disintegrates easily and the ice cream is super sweet. They should also lower the price so teenagers and college peeps can afford it.


Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich is something that I will still buy. But, it’s not something I will crave. I still recommend it because it still reflects that tiny cookie we all love.

How about you? Have you ever tried this? Did you like it or do you share the same sentiments as me? Comment your thoughts about this.

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