Samgyupsalamat Don Antonio Review
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Samgyupsalamat Don Antonio is a fabulous place to enjoy Korean-style barbecue. The place is amazing, food is great, and the crew members are awesome.

“When it’s a bite, don’t let the sun go down without seeing a doctor.” — a lesson I learned the hard way. I was bitten in the middle finger but opted to bring myself to the hospital the next day.

Things get messy to the point I need a hand specialist to check me. Though things are better now, I spent a hefty amount of money and the emotional stress is unimaginable. So guys, take it on me. If you suffered a wound caused by a human or animal bite, go to the nearest emergency room.

For the last day of my anti-rabies shot, I asked my best friend to come with me. She agreed and because we haven’t seen each other for months, we opted to dine in Samgyupsalamat at Don Antonio in Commonwealth Quezon City.

How to Go to Samgyupsalamat Don Antonio?

The Samgyupsalamat Don Anotonio is located at 54 Holy Spirit Drive, Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City.

If you have a car, then locating it is never a problem. Waze can detect it.


If you are from Cubao, you ride a bus and ask the driver to drop you off Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. Then, use the footbridge and ride a tricycle, asking the driver to drop you off the Samgyupsalamat branch.

Samgyupsalamat Price, Place, Food

Samgyupsalamat Don Antonio is located on the second floor. At the door, one of the crew asked us how many are dining in and then politely requested to wait outside. In a few minutes, our table was already prepared.

The Samgyupsalamat price per head is P450. With that, you can enjoy unlimited meat, vegetables, ice tea, and many more.

Waiting for us were individual plates containing the dipping sauce, kimchi, marinated onion, lettuce, pickled radish, sweet potatoes, chap chae, and many more side dishes. A pitcher of ice tea and water were also there. Later, the crew asked us for our meat and you can order two types at the same time.


The plates of meat were served along with the bowls of rice.

The plate of dipping sauce includes sesame seeds oil, ssamjang, gochujang, and soy sauce. For me, the best is gochujang.


The chap chae is fabulous while pickled radish and marinated onion are all amazing. They are best for the lettuce wrap.


I’m not impressed with the kimchi, it appeared to me that they are not aged. I thought the cabbage we just soaked with the sauce. The sweet potatoes are common. I’m not a fan of melted cheese, so I didn’t touch it while the gravy is just ok.


While eating we were served with scrambled egg on top of a sizzling plate, which was for me, also ok — nothing impressive. Also with a bowl of soup, which I also didn’t like.


The ice tea tastes like those brands in packs and I’m not a fan.

The Verdict

I’ve been to many Samgyupsal branches in Metro Manila. Though Don Antonio branch is not best, it is still absolutely fantastic. The place is clean with chairs and tables are far away from each other, allowing the customers to have privacy and feel at home.


The employees are polite, prompt in taking orders, and friendly. We had meat leftovers and it was explained to us that there’s a fee for such calmly and respectfully. We opt to finish them.


Overall, the experience is great, and allow me to say that the P450 that you have to pay for each person is worthy.

Written by Ringo

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