Herbs And Super Foods For Healthier Liver And Glowing Skin
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Liver cleansing is an essential task to prevent damage so the organ can function properly. You can do this by consuming foods listed in this article.

I worked for a health and wellness company for quite some time and have become a distributor of another company catering to the same product.

After becoming a part of the marketing team and have been exposed to different scientific facts, I found out that the best way to keep your skin glowing is by cleansing your body. In order to do this, you should help the body’s main filter – the liver – to detoxify.

Why Cleans Your Liver?

The liver is the largest organ in the body and also responsible for 500 functions, which includes removing the toxins in the body. During such processes, it is at risk and not all toxins are removed.

Cleanse your liver so it can function well. Also, by doing so, you’ll prevent diseases such as liver cirrhosis.

There are available herbs and supplements that can help you achieve that glowing skin — glutathione is one of them. However, because of its price, not everyone can afford it.

In this topic, I will enumerate the herbs and foods that can help your liver clean.



Internationally known as Moringa, malunggay is one of the miracle herbs that is abundant in the Philippines and can also be found in some countries in Asia and Africa. Each and every part of this tree contains nutrients and enzymes that liver loves.

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The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa help the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) run smoothly, which helps the liver perform its task smoothly as well.

There are some artifacts showing that the early civilizations used moringa to treat and clean the liver. All Things Moringa noted that in early Europe, the tea produced by boiling moringa leaves, and the stem is used as a liver tonic for people with cirrhosis.

Milk Thistle

Liver cleansing Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has this active compound known as the silymarin, which is a very good agent in combatting the peroxidation of the liver.

In a study published by AASLD, the researchers concluded that silymarin may decrease the mortality of people with liver cirrhosis. There are also some studies proving the silymarin triggers the liver to generate healthier cells faster and better than ordinary.



Research shows that the large leaves of artichoke contain active chemical compounds that help the body. Particularly as antioxidant, bile-enhancing, and lipid-lowering effects.

Lifeextension.org cited a study wherein the researchers have proven that artichoke extracts can prevent the loss of glutathione in the liver. Researchers also noted that this delicious vegetable has lowered the levels of malondialdehyde – a marker of oxidative stress.



A popular herb in India and Southeast Asia, turmeric contains volatile oils and curcuminoids such as curcumin and demethoxycurcumin. Such compounds give that bright yellow color and scientists believe that they are anti-inflammatory and antineoplastic agents, which are great for cleansing.

Turmeric also helps in increasing the flow of bile.



Spirulina is a family of the blue-green algae, which health experts considered as one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations.

Aside from lowering the blood pressure, aid in digestion, fight infection, foster pro-biotic growth, and lowering risks of stroke, spirulina also helps in liver cleansing and protection. It prevents the build-up of triglycerides in the biggest organ of your body, inhibits the lipids from peroxidation, and preventing the inflammation.



The roots of dandelion are best as tea. According to claims, this is one of the most soothing tea on the planet. To the medical side, this is also best for cleansing.

Cara of the blog Healthy Home and Happiness made a post about an experience with this wonderful plant. She said after her daughter was allergic to everything, which prompted her to consult a doctor. The doctor advised her that it could be a toxin build-up in the liver.

Then, Cara claimed that within just a day of drinking the tea, her daughter’s bowel turned very dark and allergies disappeared.


Cleanse Liver - Grapes

Aside from its taste, grapes are known to contain resveratrol, a plant compound known for its health-boosting capabilities. It has been linked to protecting brain function, lowering blood pressure, and maintaining liver health.

Protect Your Health, Protect Your Liver

Aside from the above-mentioned foods, you should also have a healthy life in order to make your liver healthier. Stay away from vices such as drinking too much alcohol, smoking, not having enough sleep, and consuming too many unhealthy foods.

Be a liver lover, boy!

Written by Ringo

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