Puto Calasiao – The Bite-Size Goodie From Pangasinan
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Puto Calasiao is a bite-size treat from Pangasinan. It is sweet and delicious.

Recently, we went home to Calasiao, Pangasinan for a family gathering.

Though the intention of the reunion is because of a devastating event, I realized things — siblings will always be siblings and no matter how old and how long they don’t see each other, they love each other.

That was the moment I saw how excited my father to see his sisters and brother. That was the first time I saw him smile widely to the point of exposing his gums.

The moments also made me realize that I need to put my game to the next level, work on my career, step out of my comfort zone and let my parents see their siblings as often as they can.

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When we were going home, I didn’t forget to buy Puto Calasaio

What is Puto Calasiao?

From the name itself, Puto Calasiao is a snack invented in the town. It is a white and tiny rice cake made from fermented concoction and steamed to perfection. They are chewy, sweet, smooth, creamy, and bursting with flavor.

Though there are some copy cats in the Metro, nothing beats those coming from Pangasinan.

Where to Buy?

These delicious tummy-fillers are around the markets of Pangasinan. Usually, near tourist destinations, bus terminals, and many more. There are places in the town that is solely intended to showcase the rich cuisine of the province, thus, selling wonderful treats like the Puto Calasiao.

My family has a relative whose members are making this treat, so, we don’t have problems in having the freshly-cooked. However, during our visit, my cousin was not available. We decided to just have a stopover where it is being catered.

What’s great is that the prices don’t go up rapidly. People can buy it below P200 a kilo.

Puto Calasiao is best eaten within 24 hours. It will eventually break down into a grain-like texture, which is not good. You should not also put it in the refrigerator.

How to Make Them?

Considered as the white gem of Pangasinan, Puto Calasiao has provided a lucrative business for the residents. Due to its demand, locals made a living out of it.

Puto Calasiao 2

The meticulous process of making this treat has been handed down from one generation to another. Fortunately, some family-owned businesses have preserved the traditional way.

First, high-quality glutinous rice is soaked in clean water to make it soft and moist. After, it will be grounded until it reached the consistency of thick flour and water mixture. Sugar is then added.

The makers will put the sweet mixture inside a clay jar and will let it sit for a few hours to ferment, thus, eliminating the usage of yeast or baking powder. It will be strained and transferred to the tiny molds and steamed for a few hours.

Hualla… it’s ready to fill in hungry mouths.

The Level Up

Now, Puto Calasiao leveled up. There are now variants with cheese while others boast flavors like strawberry, ube, mango, banana, and puto kutsinta. I still prefer the original, though.

Puto Calasiao is one of my childhood treats and as far as I know, when I was still this sweet-toothed kid, I always remind my parents to bring the white goodness home whenever they visited their home towns.

My cravings for Puto Calasiao never ends. I still can chow down a pack of in one sitting.

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