What Is Pickling Salt And Do You Really Need It?
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Do you have a pickling project and want to make it successful? Well, this article will talk about pickling salt and do you really need it?

Pickling is one delicious, good-looking, and coolest ways to preserve food. It’s super satisfying to see a cabinet filled with large mason jars featuring different pickled fruits and vegetables. 

It can also provide convenience because pickled fruits and vegetables are good appetizers, can add color to dishes, and quick reliefs to churning stomachs in the middle of the night. So, it’s best to have jars of pickled delish in your house.

Salt is a requirement to pickling — it releases flavor and an aide to prevent spoilage. Furthermore, this need uncovered a market for this kind of salt. The questions are, what is a pickling salt? Do you really need it?

What is Pickling Salt?

Pickled Veggies

Pickling salt, which is also called canning salt, is characterized by its fine granules. Unlike regular table salt, it doesn’t contain iodine and anticaking agent. It will immediately dissolve in water, making it ideal for canning and preserving foods.

Because of the absence of other agents, this will not cloud up. Also, since it doesn’t contain iodine, it won’t make the pickles dark. 

Do You Really It?

Pickling or canning salt features superfine grains, which easily dissolves in water, making it perfect for canned and jarred goods. Also, since it lacks other agents, it won’t cloud the water up, giving an attractive aesthetics. On the other hand, the taste is just like table salt.

Table salts are safe for pickling. However, you might end up with a cloudy jar, which is not an ideal and appetizing result. 

What are the Substitutes?


Kosher salt is one known substitute for pickling salt as long as it’s pure salt and doesn’t have additives. Pure sea salt is quite good as well because it doesn’t have other ingredients. However, it’s prone to contamination, which sometimes causing spoilage.

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If you are looking for alternatives, it’s good that you will check the proper measurement. 1 1/2 cups of kosher salt is equivalent to 1 cup of the canning salt.

Always Use Pickling Salt

This is never necessary in preserving fruits and vegetables. However, for best result, use it. This has been tried and tested to yield the best pickled dish for you and your family.

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