What Are The Foods That Cleanse The Kidney
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Kidneys are awesome and mysterious organs of the body. Measuring only 10-12 cm long, they filter out up to 50 gallons of blood per day and in the process, removing toxins, excess water, and other materials.

Why Cleanse the Kidney?

Your kidneys contribute directly to the smooth function of the body. However, there are times that toxins build up in the kidney and may cause kidney stones, which are masses of crystals that can grow as big as a golf ball. They also prohibit the kidney and other organs from functioning well.

To prevent it you should cleanse your kidney. Here are some of the vegetables and fruits for kidney cleansing:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

A product from fermented apples, the apple cider vinegar is a kidney-friendly food because it contains acetic and citric acid, which helps in dissolving kidney stones. 

Adding at least two tablespoons of acv with your water would enough to help the kidney function well. You can also use this vinegar as a salad dressing or as an occasional alternative to white vinegar.


Cleanse the kidney - basil

Basil isn’t just smooth and aromatic, it’s also one of the good foods that cleanse the kidney. It is an effective diuretic that helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Plus, it also lowers the uric acid in the blood that improves kidney health.

Adding basil in your diet is enough to make your well-being healthier.

Kidney Beans

Cleanse the kidney - kidney beans

This legume got its name because of its shape. It looks like a kidney. However, aside from the appearance, this red and delicious bean is quite good at eliminating toxins that have build-up in the kidney. It is also rich with Vitamin B, fiber, and several minerals for a better flow of blood, which, in return, will make the kidney healthier.

Kidney beans are amazing. They aren’t just healthy but flexible as well. You can use them for all courses, including desserts.



Celery is known to remove toxins and other harmful chemicals in the body, thus, giving relief for the kidney. It is also a good source of vitamin c, beta carotene, and flavonoid for a better body function.

Celery juice is a refreshing and natural kidney cleansing drink. If you don’t have a juice like the hurom, you can use a blender to release the juice of celery stalks.



Ginger is one of the best kidney cleansing vegetables that we can easily grab. A 2012 study concluded that ginger has a huge therapeutic potential which also includes improved kidney functions and normalizing kidney histopathological architecture. 

Ginger tea is quite good, especially when flavored with lemon and honey.

Cranberry Juice

Cleanse the kidney - Cranberry Juice

Cranberry is a superfood that will help cleanse the kidney. Eating it or drinking cranberry juice will prevent the development and growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. Your urine will also become acidic with just a few pieces of the fruit and will prevent the bacteria from attaching to the bladder.



Watermelon is a diuretic that helps in the fast but natural flow of urine. But, unlike alcohol and caffeine, this fruit won’t strain the kidney. It also aids in the proper digestion of food, which eases the streson the kidney while getting rid of the excess fluid.



Dandelion leaves are a natural diuretic that helps increase the flow of urine without putting too much pressure on the kidney. Thus, helping them to eliminate toxins and other harmful substances. As a result, the kidney will function properly.

Dandelion can also improve the immune system so the body can easily fight foreign objects, including those that entered the kidney.

Love Your Kidney

Your kidney, just like any other organs of the body, needs love. Though the above-mentioned foods and herbs are effective in cleansing the kidney, having a healthy lifestyle is still paramount. Avoid abusing your body because the consequences are grave.

Don’t smoke, drink occasionally, exercise, sleep better, and have a complete body checkup twice a year.

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