Manuka Health’s Manuka MGO 30 Review
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Manuka Honey is a product of New Zealand and Australia. Is it worthy? Well, read further.

This pandemic brought us a bit in the dark zone — anxiety, cabin fever, and many more took the best of us. We don’t have many choices because none of us were ready. After a month of staying home and under quarantine, most of us need to go out and earn money, carrying the fears and burden that we might get the virus, and worse, we’ll transfer it to our loved ones. The stress drained us.

On the other hand, this pandemic is teaching us to practice cleanliness, discipline, and not to take our bodies for granted. We found the importance of having enough vitamin c by eating fresh fruits, vitamin d by staying under the morning sun. 

Personally, this pandemic taught me one thing — no money can level my family’s health. It taught that when buying things for the house and my family, the price tags should not be in factors.

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Just recently, to boost our immune system and prevent us from getting sick, I bought a 500 grams of Manuka Honey, and it’s not cheap.

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is a product of New Zealand and Australia. It is a honey from bees that only pollinate the manuka bush, an endemic plant in the said countries, that is known for its medicinal properties.

Manuka honey isn’t wild, in fact, it’s cultured. However, it is specialized and known to be more potent than ordinary honey. It contains a higher concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO).

Why Did I Buy?

I’m a fan of honey and have bought from different sellers and apiaries. There are also failures as my search for the best ones continues — I fell to scammers. However, I also formed this palate that gave me this anatomical defense against the evil sweet makers.

The best I had so far are those raw and wild. I used to buy from a friend who dealt with honey hunters of Nueva Ecija, who will spend hours in the forest and mountains. These kinds of honey are potent, and their authenticity is undeniable. Such is in a bottle with mouths only covered with clothing because even cork stoppers are not enough because they bubble and releases air.

Manuka Honey 4

I don’t cure my sore throat, cough with medicine. I only drink a calamansi juice sweetened by raw and wild honey. 

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, my friend was unable to travel to his hometown and purchase wild honey. So, I searched for an alternative, and since scams are everywhere, I decided to go for the more expensive ones. I bought Manuka honey.

Why Is It Expensive?

Aside from this is an endemic product and it’s potency, the government of New Zealand and Australia are implementing strict rules and regulation that maintains that quality of the products sold in and outside the countries. Also, to protect it from those people who want to take advantage of them. Now, each honey labeled as Manuka for export should undergo testing by the government-recognized laboratories, and they should pass the standards.

Though it’s not 100% protected from scammers, resellers are named, and therefore, assuring consumers of their authenticity.

Packaging, Price, and Availability

I bought mine from Manuka Health Philippines, an official reseller in the country. I bought the cheapest (well, still not cheap) with MGO 30, which cost me P1,700 for 500 grams. The company also has Shopee and Lazada store.

Manuka Honey 2

The box-like container is blue with black and gold decorations, which for me, is quite attractive. Filipinos love re-usable containers, so this is a plus point. The mouth is heat-sealed so you are perfectly-protected. Well, pay that amount and expect great packaging. 

Let’s Compare

I did the possible honey authenticity tests such as burn, water, and settle test — it passed. However, as I mentioned earlier, I developed these tastebuds that determine the authenticity of honey. Would you be surprised if I said that it’s authentic?

Manuka Honey 3

The question is, how potent is this? It’s in between the standard authentic honey from known apiaries such as Richbee and the wild ones harvested in forests and mountains. The cultivated is smooth and almost syrupy, while the raw ones are like mild wines. Imagine it, Manuka honey is in between. 

I made lemon shots (juice from one lemon and two tablespoons Manuka) and shared it with my family members to boost their immune system. We all claim the same it’s potent. You can feel it passing through your throat.

The Verdict

Manuka honey has the greatest concentration of antibacterial substances. However, there is a little test provided for wild and raw honey from the forests and mountains, and I believe that the latter is way superior.

I’m just hoping that the people behind the export of Manuka can find ways to lower down the price so a larger group can enjoy it. 

Manuka is good, but because wild and raw honey is cheaper, I still prefer the latter.

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