Gayuma ni Maria in Sikatuna Village Review
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Disclaimer: It’s a dramatic post between food vs heart problem.

I have been to Gayuma ni Maria back when I was in college and never had a chance to try it again. It is located in #123 V Luna Extension Sikatuna Village, Quezon City (Near Maginhawa).

There was one time I felt the need of love from someone I can never have, I was feeling lonely. I shared my innermost feelings with my cousins at that time because I knew that they could help me ease my grief and get over it.

My cousins suggested that I need to give myself a treat by comforting my stomach first, the best way to dwell over the things, and deal with the pain. Ya, we never seem to talk about anything so serious but for sure thing they will treat me to dinner what a hate and love relationship we have.

We made our reservation (cause it was Friday night and payday) in Gayuma ni Maria for dinner. I think it’s a perfect place for a broken-hearted like me.

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I let them choose what to eat because if I will be the one to pick over the Gayuma ni Maria’s menu it will be horrible. If it’s me, I will choose everything.

The Appetizers

“Tuliro:” Nachos and lettuce topped with meat and fresh fruits with sour cream and cheese sauce. Unfortunately, they served everything. In short, they forgot about our nachos. So we canceled it.

The Mains

“Cuz I Care:” Bangus kare-kare. Fried bangus (milkfish) with peanut sauce, shrimps and veggies, and their specialty bagoong (shrimp paste). We thought that it was just a peanut sauce and a fried bangus on top but it comes with some shrimps. It was just fine. I just love the bagoong and how were the veggies cooked. The price is reasonable if they will give justice to why its Bangus Kare-kare – not just because it comes with the bangus on top, it should be fish-based in a kare-kare and it would be great if they will blend more peanuts.

Bangus Kare Kare

“Secret Lovers:” Gayumatized beef kaldereta with grilled vegetables. But I was not gayumatized, I haven’t heard my cousins about the kaldereta, it was too sweet, and the grilled vegetables, it was all carrots.


“Hotsie:” Hot and naughty shrimp pasta with garlic pandesal toast. It was good. It’s Maica’s favorite; she loves how spicy it was, but I don’t like the oil they used. The price, on the other hand, is reasonable the serving is big and they’re pretty generous with the shrimps.


The Desserts

“Beats Sex Anyday:” You be the Judge! Rich chocolate cake mercilessly topped with butterscotch, cream and chocolate bits. My cousins Maica and Yeye love the sweetness of the cake but for me it was just a classic chocolate cake, I don’t even like the texture. I didn’t even tasted the butterscotch, and even the cream, it doesn’t comes with the chocolate bits. I’m so confused it feels like we ordered chocolate cake.


“Pa Cute:” Mango cheesecake. I and Mark love their cheesecake, I love the mango on top, but for me its too pricey, its not reasonable.

I could come up our orders in a sentence, “cos I care, tuliro ako sa hotsie na secret lovers na ito na they beats sex anyday masyado kasi silang pa cute.”

My cousins don’t like the place, but for me its perfect. This features a rustic vintage house with a creepy smell. We’re glad that the bill doesn’t comes with a service charge because we’re not happy with the service.

Gayuma ni Maria

It is time for me to sum up, my cousins and I still enjoyed our dining experienced in Gayuma ni Maria, notwithstanding, the poor service. And maybe because It was new to them. We went home having happy tummies. They said, they are satisfied with what they have eaten there and I am happy for them. I don’t feel lost and empty anymore because they made me feel I am loved.

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