Vikings Marikina Review
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They say an eat-all-you-can restaurant has served its purpose when the customers go home delighted and have tried foods they haven’t tried before. As such, one should provide a glimpse of the world’s cuisine.

Vikings is probably one of the most popular eat-all-you-can restaurants in the country with a dozen branches nationwide. Just recently, I and my friends dined in the Vikings Marikina.

Vikings Marikina: Where to Find?

The Vikings Marikina is located on the 2nd Floor, SM City Kalumpang, Marikina City. We waited for at least an hour just to be seated, which is proof that the place is blockbuster.

The area is rectangular and from the entrance’s view, the chairs and table are located on the left while the foods and drinks are located on the other side. The desserts are the first things you’ll notice followed by the drinks and the savory dishes.

Vikings Marikina - Front

The receptionist asked us to seat in the middle, which she said a table for four. It’s obvious that the place wants the guests to feel comfortable because the table provided can seat at least two more. I was impressed there are rooms for our bags and we can move our feet and legs freely.

The only comment I can say is the space between the chairs and tables. They are too far away from each other.

The overall exterior of the area is like those of Chinese restaurants where lanterns are all over the place. It’s quite homey.

The Food

I started my foodie adventure by walking around. My mouth watered as I went nearer to the tables for savory dishes. I have this urge to tasting everything.

I picked a piece of garlic bread and munch on it while walking around. As a fan of garlic bread, I love it. It’s appetizing. Then, I picked a piece of pizza and to be honest, it’s no different from the other pizzas that you can buy from fast-food chains.

Vikings Marikina Savory

My first plate contains another slice of pizza, wagyu beef, roasted turkey and some makis. The maki is amazing because the mango used is sour. Unfortunately, the wagyu beef and turkey failed to impress me. I’m looking for more flavors.

While eating, I saw that one of the kitchen staff dropped a bucket of crabs. People piled up like there’s a feeding program with the strongest and who have the longest arms win. I didn’t bother to brave the odds.

I also tried Chinese chicken, stir-fried noodles, and many more Chinese foods. They are all fantastic. The crab soup is too thick. There’s too much flour to the point that you can’t taste the crab anymore.

During my Labrador Stall adventure, I mentioned that I love oysters. I saw baked oysters and immediately picked four pieces. Though I prefer them pouched with just a piece lemon, I still love them. I actually returned to the table and picked some more.

Vikings Marikina - Oysters

We also had shabu-shabu and I’m glad my friend thought of it. You can just ask one of the personnel and they’ll prepare it for you.

The Drinks and Desserts

All of us tried four seasons. It’s impressive. When I finished my glass, I went back and tried the apple cinnamon. I only had a sip of it because I found it watery and I’m expecting this cinnamon kicks.

Vikings Marikina - Dessert2

For the dessert, I tried frozen yogurt, flour-less cake, bread and butter cake and many more.

The frozen yogurt is still desirable. However, they should open the machine if it’s not yet ready. The flour-less cakes are superb. The bitter chocolate compliments the moist cake well.

Vikings Marikina-Dessert

The Coffee

None of us try alcoholic beverages. I don’t like to travel alone tipsy. So, I thought of a better idea… Coffee!

The coffee makers of Vikings Marikina are the state-of-the-art slow makers. Just put the raw coffee beans and they will do the roasting and pounding before pressing it into the hot water to produce a perfectly-brewed caffeinated drink. They are amazing. My coffee is aromatic and flavorful. It has foam as well.

Vikings Marikina is Amazing

We went to the Vikings in SM Marikina on a weekday, so we only paid less than a thousand peso each. Allow me to say that the fee is ok if I’ll base it on the overall factors. The crews are well-trained, the place is good, and I’m satisfied with food.

A highly recommended restaurant. This is best for people who have the stomach of a Viking!

Written by Ringo

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