Peter Butter Balls: The Fun But Cheap Thrill Of The 90’s Babies
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Peter Butter Balls is a brand of candy that 90’s babies enjoy. It tastes like butterscotch with a twist of salt. It’s now back with a vengeance.

They say your childhood is awesome when you feel nostalgic when you see or encountered something that will remind you of your activities when you were still a kid.

Well, mine is fantastic.

It’s now rare but whenever I see children playing kiddie street games like patintero and tumbang preso, I’m delighted. Once, I even took photos capturing their captivating smiles; and I can say they are similar to mine and my kiddie friends’.

While walking home after attending church, my nostalgic spirit jumped after seeing Peter Butter Balls being sold at the sidewalk.

What is Peter Butter Balls?

Peter Butter Balls are one of those candies that I and my buddies used to enjoy. Most of the time, it’s part of our daily refreshments after hours of playing in the streets while teasing each other whoever the “burot” is.

Peter Butter Balls 3

Of course, from the name itself, it tastes like butter and sugar with kicks of salt. It resembles butterscotch but in a candy form.

I don’t know why but some didn’t like the taste of it.

Packaging and Availability

Just like before, sari-sari store owners and sidewalk vendors sell Peter Butter Balls. It’s now P1.00 each, which is 100% than before. Well, it’s quite understandable.

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Way back, I used to ignore this because the brown and semi-transparent packaging that exposes the yellow candy was not appealing to my eyes. I just got hooked with it when a friend offered it to me.

The same packaging lives until this day.

Peter Butter Balls

Peter Butter Balls are Amazing

This candy made my and my friends’ childhood life colorful. This served as a tool for bonding moments where camaraderie is formed and our social skills were enhanced.

The combination of buttery flavor with sweet kicks and a little saltiness makes it different from most of the candies out there. Though I don’t crave it anymore, this will still be the first candy that I’ll pick if it’s available.

I bought some and gave them to my nieces. They too enjoyed it. A highly recommended product, indeed!

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